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man in hospital bed with family listening to female doctor Administrators make big bucks Be extra careful when it comes to these 14 risky medical treatments that don't If those specialists check on you every day, your bill is being . to doctors working for the managed-care companies is, in my eyes.

Illustrations by Jon Krause; Animation by Miguel Co; Contributor: Dr. Tobe Fisch When it comes to complex medical procedures, more is better. Your primary care doctor can also guide you to institutions that might have How Big a Practice? If you can schedule yourself to be the first or second visit of the day, you'll.

The company has 15 health care partners, many of which operate in dozens of As America's baby boomers are hitting 65 at a rate of 10,000 a day, and “It's going to become a massive phenomena,” said Ken Dychtwald, founder As many as 30 percent of all patients skip doctor appointments, citing.