Tumblr Banning Adult Content from its Community - banned yahoo adult communities


Tumblr to ban all adult content from site, beginning Dec. 17 banned yahoo adult communities

After Tumblr's NSFW ban, these adult communities have come out on . to sell Tumblr, which it picked up in its acquisition of Yahoo in 2017.

Tumblr announces 'adult content' ban in a move that could kill the service The active part of that community, however, was always fond of porn. the more capable version of Flickr, a previously Yahoo/Oath-owned service.

The visual microblogging service banned porn two weeks after images, and videos, Tumblr banned the “adult content” that its CEO, When Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion in 2013, critics warned it will become difficult for both sex workers and these communities to have an online space to exist.".