Bikini Bottom Lyrics by Electrocute - lyrics and bikini bottoms


Bikini Bottom Lyrics - Electrocute - Soundtrack Lyrics lyrics and bikini bottoms

Shoot my new chop, I gotta hold it like a banjo. That lil' nigga ain't fuckin' with me and I bet he know it. Spent four-hundred dollars on some juice, where the exotic soda?.

Bikini Bottom Lyrics: (Hook: MOL$) / I ain't fuck with thotties / I ain't fuck with hoes / And I'll pull up on a bitch / And I'll punch your fuckin' nose / I.

Bikini Bottoms Lyrics: Put me on a beach and I'll rock - yeah I'm hot - water's cool / Gimme just a minute I'll prove / If the girl's whale tale is showing its not a fluke.